"It is our commitment to help you feel "O so" good about what you're using on your skin! And, we aim to consistently promote the importance of using handmade soaps made with simple and only all natural ingredients to clean and protect your skin."

Our Story...still being written

 In 2013, Oso Handmade Soap Company began as a quest to help our daughter fight the disturbance of Eczema - a chronic skin disease that has no cure. We tried every day for any solution to stop the dry patches, the itch, and the embarrassment she suffered as she wore several band-aids everyday to prevent scratching. And when the band-aids didn't prevent the scratching, an open wound on her leg lead to a near serious blood infection that started to spread throughout her body.

The next day, we committed to first, stop buying cheaply made "soap" from the store, then, understand what her skin needed and created a simple cleansing bar that retains moisture while helping to keep her skin in a healthy state to prevent further dry patches and overall dry skin.  After realizing we could help our other family members and friends who have sensitive and/or dry skin, the Oso Handmade Soap Company was born!



We have been a member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild since 2013. All of our products are handcrafted using the minimalist amount of machines and equipment and waste. We take pride in providing a quality product and one that is unique from other companies. We aim for the bulk of our packaging and shipping material to be recycled. And, we strive for 100% satisfaction from our customers on every order. 



A very busy year! After perfecting dozens of batches of quality bars, launching our website, and finalizing our fulfillment department, we were ready to stop dry skin suffering. Baby shower Hostess gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Teacher gifts, an outdoor venue with 1000 2oz bars consumed much of our time. We launched our first newsletter and tried our hand at selling at Holiday craft shows - We tried to do it all!




Taking a serious look at our "Plan" was the best way to move forward for Oso. The year was filled with meeting new handmade soap lovers, keeping our website current, going "Mobile", and improving our photography to show case our products better. Corporate holiday gift orders, developing new products, and baby shower favors kept us moving forward. 




Growth! This was the year to launch new products and implement better systems. 

Our popular, long lasting Shave bar has become a staple. Our Shea Lotion is a necessity for living in the midwest with its long, dry winters. Our Lip Balms with Vitamin E to retain moisture have taken over purse space from those petroleum-based "chap sticks". We created Seasonal bars that get you into the spirit of the season, smell great, and of course make you feel "O so" good about what you're putting on your skin. 

Still having Fun! During the summer, we sponsored a fund raising event to help an organization called SAFEwater to bring Bio filters into African homes to help families get clean water. We are proud of our efforts that allowed us to donate a large single Bio Filter to a family in Africa. We look forward to more opportunities to help those in need locally and worldwide.




Early in the year, we surveyed our customers & started implementing changes to improve current products, provide more helpful information, and enhance customer experience.  With the help of their input, we implemented improvements, increased communications, and made it easier to access and use natural products over chemical laden ones. 

2018 - 5 Years!!!

"O so" awesome! More than 5 years of creating great products and improving skin. Now, more and more customers are approaching us to create something special, something unique, because all skin is not the same. Some of the "custom" products we're working on include: Beard oil, Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Bath salts, Masks, Facial scrubs, and hotel-sized bars for travel. We want all of our customers to feel "O so" good about what they are using on their skin. So, let us know what we can do for you!


Send us note customerservice@OsoSoaps.com


"When you use a bar of handcrafted soap,

you know it was made with the personal

touch of a local soap maker."