"It is our commitment to help you feel "O so" good about what you're using on your skin! And, we aim to consistently promote the importance of using handmade soaps made with simple, toxin-free, botanical ingredients to clean & protect your skin."

Here's why we make handmade soap bars...

Oso Handmade Soap Company began as a quest to help our daughter fight the disturbance of Eczema - a chronic skin disease that has no cure. We tried every day for any solution to stop the dry patches, the itch, and the embarrassment she suffered as she wore several band-aids everyday to prevent scratching. And when the band-aids didn't prevent the scratching, an open wound on her leg lead to a near serious blood infection that started to spread throughout her body.

The next day, we committed to first, stop buying cheaply made "soap" full of chemicals, then, understand what her skin needed and created a simple cleansing bar that retains moisture while helping to keep her skin in a healthy state to prevent further dry patches and overall dry skin.  After realizing we could help our other family members and friends who have sensitive and/or dry skin, the Oso Handmade Soap Company was born!


What you'll get from us...We have been a member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild since 2013. All of our soap bars are free of harsh chemicals, cold processed, using the minimalist amount of machines and equipment and near zero-waste. We take pride in providing a truly natural product. We aim for the bulk of our packaging and shipping material to be biodegradable or recyclable. And, we strive for 100% satisfaction from our customers on every order. 


What keeps us moving forward? We believe you don't need to expose your skin to harsh chemicals everyday to be clean and moisturized. Research shows what we put on our skin goes directly into our bodies. So, stop using harsh chemical-laden soap and start feeling "O so" good about what you're using on your skin. 


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 The "Reduce Plastic Waste" Pledge

We pledge to be mindful of the plastic waste we produce, and to make a conscious effort to reduce our impact on our oceans, lakes and rivers by making and consuming bar soap as an alternative to liquid products in single use plastic. We will recycle or repurpose any plastic waste to help protect the world around me.