FAQs on Handmade Soap


Why use Handmade Soaps? 

Soap is gentler than commercial soaps because it is made with all Natural ingredients, not synthetics. We have soaps that are made with 100% pure natural ingredients and saponified oils through CP (cold process).


What is Soap?

One of the organic chemical reactions known to ancient man was the preparation of SOAPS through a reaction called saponification. Soap is a chemical substance, created by combining fatty acids, an alkali and heat in water medium through saponification.


What Oils are used to make soap?

The accepted basic vegetable oils used in soapmaking are olive oil,coconut oil, and palm oil, Some soapmakers use Animal Tallow.  See what goes into Oso Soaps.


How do I make soap last longer?

To make CP handmade soap last longer, it needs to be dry when not in use. Make sure it does not sit in a puddle. Try a good soap dish that lifts the soap, or a drying rack.  Check out our dishes and racks here. Oso Soap Dishes here.


Essential Oils vs. Fragrances?

An essential oil is "natural" - it is derived from a fruit, leaf, root, stem and/or flower. It can be steam distilled or cold pressed. Some companies use solvents to extract their oils. An essential oil’s description will tell you the country of origin and the extraction process.
Fragrance Oils can be a mixture or combination of mixtures of natural and synthetic materials. Synthetic ingredients are manufactured through chemical process. They are "man made".


Oso Handmade Soap Company

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