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A quick guide to 6 essential steps to easily track your batches of

handmade Cold Process (CP) soap, without frustration!

After Trace: but not done yet E-Book

Stop wasting production time & stop guessing! After going through our 6 step process to better track your batches of Cold Process handmade soap, you can save time and become a better soap batch tracker. Plus...a check list and calendar to get you organized.


Part 1 - It's exciting to make cold process soap, but making several batches takes patience and organization."Imagine being in control and having clarity when making and tracking lots of batches."


Part 2 - We explain the importance of the 6 step process, and, we introduce why a calendar system is a time saver."Let your calendar tell you when your batch is ready."


Part 3 - The steps and the calendar system are explained in detail with examples from our own experiences.

Encouragement is provided along the way to help you get more organized and continue to enjoy making Cold Processed soap.

"Time to get organized, get a system, and start making lots of batches."


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EBook After Trace


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FREE! Check list to better track CP soap batches.

FREE ! Essential Check List for Cold Process batch tracking
Download this now! An essential tool to use for each Cold Processed soap batch created. This check list keeps everyone involved on the same page throughout all stages of soap making from creation, to storage, to marketing. Be confident about your batches. Start here then, check out the EBook that explains everything in better detail.
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We are passionate about making sure our products are pure, consistent in process, and safe for all to use. We understand there are many ways to achieve great products through different means. We are sharing our knowledge with you as a Cold Process soap maker to help maintain the quality, safety, and most importantly the fun of making CP soap! Thank you!

The Oso Handmade Soap Team