Handmade, organic Facial / Baby Cloths

Handmade Facial/Kitchen/Baby Cloths

Super soft, handmade, organic cotton cloths. After product testing, we have developed the softest cloth that is just the right size for face washing, kitchen clean up, or bathing your Baby.  Replace those make up remover pads, cotton balls, or dish rags with reusable cloths. Great for the environment!


  • Dries fast. Eco-friendly.
  • Available in creme, soft tangerine, or light mint colors
  • Approximate size is 4x4in. Patterns will vary.
  • For Teen - Add our cloth together with our Tea tree bar for a great Teen gift.
  • Add to our LemonGrass Basil soap to use in the kitchen.
  • Baby - Combine our Pure & Simple bar with this Baby cloth as a "New baby" gift.

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Did you know?
Cotton has been popular in the clothing industry for ages, but traditional cotton uses high amounts of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that are a petroleum by-product and not environmentally friendly.  Organic cotton however promotes healthy soil, plants and products, by using natural fertilizers, compost and natural pest control such as ladybugs which destroy harmful insects.


Source:  www.sustainablecotton.org

Handmade Facial / Baby Cloth


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