Red Brazilian Clay Facial Bar w/ Ylang ylang EO


Red Brazilian Clay is widely used in facial masks to control oil and smooth the skin. It has the ability to minimize pours without drying so its perfect for normal to oily skin. This bar includes Ylang Ylang Essential Oil which has a sweet, deep aroma of sensual flowers.  This essential oil is often used in sensual messages, romantic baths, and blended in a joyful room diffuser. 4.5oz "O so" luxurious!


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Ylang Ylang


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Features: Benefits:

Base ingredients

Cleansing, Moisturizing, and improves circulation (see all benefits of base ingredients)

Brazilian Red clay

Clay is a natural cosmetic wonder, a gift from the land for our benefit, and has been used in beauty treatments since antiquity. The elemental composition of clay acts to detox, revitalize, energize and regenerate – restoring balance, invigorating, and mending – returning your natural state of well-being.

Clay’s natural absorbing properties draw out harmful particles and toxins from the microscopic pores of the skin, gently scrubbing the skin, eliminating dirt, dead pores and old skin cells. Rich in minerals, clay stimulates and brightens up your epidermis by stimulating blood circulation.

The red shade is achieved by variations of the minerals and elements found in the soil in the different regions of Brazil.

Ylang ylang essential oil

Known for its ability to lift spirits, promote relaxation and enhance sensuality. Also, may sooth panic, anxiety and calm nerves. Has been studied for its Heart health boosting and mood enhancing benefits

Ingredients: Coconut, Olive, Organic Palm, Sweet Almond Oil, vegetable oil, Red Brazilian Clay, Ylang ylang essential oil.



Customer Reviews

In our experience, we've noticed that this is a good bar for cleansing the face as well as tightening without drying. We did not enjoy it as much as an all over body bar as much as the other Oso bars. Still, a lovely scent!